The first step in ending trafficking is to identify the the roots of this complex issue. Our programs were created to negate the risk factors that allow trafficking to exist in our community. 



SCHOLARSHIPS and support

Daughters Rising provides special scholarship funds for ethnic minority girls who need help. We currently support 7 students in university and counting. Apply for support

Rice for refugees

Emergency Aid

Since September last year, Daughters Rising provided over 55,000 meals to  Karen IDPs and refugees.  

Vocational Education scholarships 

Daughters rising offers full scholarships and internships for indigenous women who want to work in tourism and as trekking guides. Apply Here

Right to Dance

Dance as therapy for Refugees 

Dance therapy can be used for stress reduction, disease prevention, and mood management. Dance promotes self-awareness, self-esteem, and a safe space for emotional expression. We are enthusiastic about kicking off this exciting new initiative in September 2017!


In search of a better life


Daughters Rising created A Better Life, an online activity that allows people to put themselves in the position of refugees who have had to flee their home country, to explore the connection between migration and trafficking. Each character story is based on an actual person in the community we serve (Trigger warning). Artwork by Mirjam Zels  Play

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Empowerment workshops

All of workshops are free. They are non-religious and tailored to be relevant and respectful to her culture. They are hosted by a mentor who can put the course information into cultural and social context. The workshops are always held in safe and secure environment where she can feel free to express herself, and have fun.

Last year we held 48 RISE workshops including:

  • Women’s Health and Understanding of Disease Transmission
  • Human and Migrant Worker’s Rights
  • Art Therapy & Dance
  • Media Literacy
  • Warning Signs and Dangers of Trafficking
  • Gender Equality
  • Self Defense

RISE shop

Karen Culture Preservation

The RISE Shop empowers indigenous artisans by providing income and market access to women living in remote villages. We pay above fair trade prices honoring the value of ancient weaving practices. 

By financially empowering mothers in areas at risk of trafficking, you are also helping to prevent their young daughters from needing to bring in income, therefore helping them to remain in school longer, and lessening their risk of being sold or trafficked. 

clean water

Clean Water


Daughters Rising provides filters to Karen villages to ensure that people have access to safe and clean drinking water for free.


Chai Lai Orchid

Job skills + employment

Our ecolodge in Chiang Mai, Thailand  serves as a vocational training program where staff are paid to learn hospitality and also taught to be mentors and leaders in their own communities. Experience and economic independence boasts their self-confidence, igniting their ambition  to pursue their dreams, placing their futures back into their own hands. Curriculum topics cover:

  • Financial literacy
  • Thai Language
  • English Language
  • Front desk management
  • Cooking + Housekeeping
  • Basic computer skills


Chai Lai Sisters 

Interest free loans for indigenous entrepreneurs

We are proud to support Thailand's first trekking company run by indigenous Karen women. They aim help preserve an ancient culture and empower women to help their communities prosper through travel. Their unique sustainable practices give back to the community and the jungle.

Indigenous Children's Education

Mor Wah Kee School is a unique educational refuge for the Karen hill tribe children. Unlike other schools in the region, it is not run by the government but by the community. This is an important distinction because the school is not confined to the government’s “central” curriculum, which is exclusive of traditional cultural wisdom and language.