The first step in ending trafficking is to identify the the roots of this complex issue. Our programs were created to negate the risk factors that allow trafficking to exist in our community. Our two-prong approach of education / resources + breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty helps us address the root causes that put girls at risk of being trafficked.


SCHOLARSHIPS and support

Education is key to stopping the cycle of intergeneration poverty that puts ethnic minority girls at risk of being trafficked. Daughters Rising provides special scholarship funds for girls who need help continuing their education. Our scholarships are tailored to each individual girl's needs, depending on her career goals and financial necessity. They range from short-term vocational training programs to 4 year university degrees. Learn more.

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Empowerment workshops

Empowerment workshops for ethnic minority girls that are free, fun and aimed at boosting girls' self confidence and leadership skills. They are non-religious and tailored to be relevant and respectful to her culture, hosted by a mentor who can put the course information into cultural and social context. The workshops are always held in secure environment where she can learn new things and feel free to express herself in a safe space. Learn more

Job skills + employment

Our ecolodge in Chiang Mai, Thailand serves as a vocational training program where ethnic minority girls are paid to learn hospitality and taught to be mentors and leaders in their own communities. Experience and economic independence boasts their self-confidence, igniting their ambition to pursue their dreams, placing their futures back into their own hands. Curriculum includes: financial literacy, Thai / English languages, front desk management, cooking, housekeeping and basic computer skills. 

Project Spotlight: Chai Lai Orchid, Chiang Mai Thailand


Financial security for mothers

The RISE Shop aims to empower indigenous women artisans by providing income and market access to those living in remote villages. We also pay above fair trade prices, honoring the value of ancient weaving practices. By financially empowering mothers in areas at risk of trafficking, we help prevent their young daughters from needing to bring in income. Meet our artisans

MICRO-loans for indigenous entrpreneurs

We are proud to support Chai Lai Sisters, Thailand's first trekking company owned and operated by indigenous Karen women. They aim to preserve an ancient culture and empower women to help their communities prosper through travel. Their unique sustainable practices give back to the community and the jungle. Apply for a loan here

Emergency Aid for refugees and IDPs

Because of the ongoing violence in Burma, vast numbers of minority groups are forced to flee their homes, becoming Internally Displaced Persons within Burma or refugees across the border in Thailand. Without economic opportunity, they face food shortages and extreme poverty. Since September last year, Daughters Rising provided over 55,000 meals to Karen IDPs and refugees.  Learn more  



Karen mythology is at great risk of being lost forever. Passed only by word of mouth, these magical stories of elephants and explorers are at risk of dying along with the elders that hold them. Daughters Rising hopes to prevent this from happening by collaborating across Karen generations to record and preserve these incredible stories in the form of children’s storybooks. Learn more

Dance as therapy for Refugees 

Dance therapy can be used for stress reduction, disease prevention, and mood management. Dance promotes self-awareness, self-esteem, and a safe space for emotional expression. We bring dance workshops to underserved refugee and minority populations most at risk of human trafficking. Learn more



Indigenous Children's Education

Mor Wah Kee School is a unique educational refuge for the Karen hill tribe children. Unlike other schools in the region, it is not run by the government but by the community. This is an important distinction because the school is not confined to the government’s “central” curriculum, which is exclusive of traditional cultural wisdom and language. 

Clean water

Daughters Rising partners with The Rain Tree Foundation to provide water filters to remote Karen villages free of cost. By ensuring that people have free access to safe and clean drinking water, we are ensuring that they can thrive as a community. Learn more


Daughters Rising created A Better Life, an online activity that allows people to put themselves in the position of refugees who have had to flee their home country, to explore the connection between migration and trafficking. Each character story is based on an actual person in the community we serve (Trigger warning). Artwork by Mirjam Zels  Play