At Daughters Rising young women learn to overcome the obstacles that perpetuate inequality and poverty through one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, culturally and linguistically specific health education, and support.


Our Mission

Trafficking is happening everywhere but it doesn't victimize communities indiscriminately, which means we can identify the roots and prevent it. Indigenous women and girls around the world are experiencing higher rates of physical violence, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and are more likely to attempt suicide. The marginalization of indigenous populations is due in large part to the intergenerational legacy of colonization, which persists in the form of racial discrimination, poverty, and lack of rights. These factors allow trafficking to thrive.

We believe trafficking is best combated by prevention, because we know that it is impossible to ever undo the trauma survivors have to live with, if they survive at all. We also know there is a very quantifiable link between the amount of resources that a community has and the social reality it faces. So while thousands of sex tourists pour into South East Asia to reap the benefits of social disadvantage, we are equipping women to fight back. Through access to education, knowledge of their rights, and employment opportunities, Daughters Rising unites and empowers the most vulnerable women to end trafficking in their communities.

This is the most supportive place in my world. You created a space where girls who don’t have homes or space to be themselves can feel like they belong. Including me.- K