There are many ways you can give to support a girl's education. Wether it is donating to our scholarship program in general, or sponsoring a girls university in full, every donation helps girls take control over their futures and become leaders in their communities.



give to our scholarship program

By giving a general donation to our scholarship program, it helps all of our girls succeed. General donations help us fill in the gaps in our scholarship funding for each girl to help make sure that she has all of the tools she needs to achieve her educational goals. In addition to tuition fees, these funds go towards critical school supplies such as books, transportation and room and board. 


give 1 year of education

By sponsoring a girl's education for a full year you are guaranteeing that she is able to achieve her dreams. These scholarships are invaluable to helping girls succeed. Each educational program has different costs depending on tuition and housing, ranging from $1,000 to $9,000. When you sponsor a girl, you will get a personalized thank you letter from your student and semester updates on her academic achievements. 


meet girls in need of sponsorship


Naw Julia

Naw Julia is a 19-year-old Burmese refugee from the Lisu ethnic minority group. She was born in Burma but has lived for the past 11 years in a refugee camp in Thailand. Her educational goal is to get her undergraduate degree in Communications.

She is an aspiring writer whose dream is to become a journalist. Her passion for language has compelled her to learn to read and write in four Languages including English, Burmese, Karen, and Lisu. Her goal is to attend Bangkok University International College as a Communications major. By majoring in Communications, she aims to be a social journalist who can improve people’s knowledge about the world and raise awareness about the social crisis in Burma. In addition to growing up as an ethnic minority in Burma, her passion for social justice began when she was working for the organization Right To Play, an NGO that uses sport and play to empower disadvantaged youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict, and disease. It was there that she saw the power of journalism to create ethical storytelling. Her ultimate goal is to use her education to eventually start her own organization similar to Burma Link; an NGO aimed at upholding and amplifying the stories and voices of marginalized people of Burma. Her dream is to devote herself to promoting the rights of Burma’s disadvantaged ethnic groups and conflict-affected communities. 


Nang Sam Kham

Nang Sam Kham is a 25-years-old daughter of subsistence farmers from the Shan ethnic minority group. Her educational goal is to get her Masters in Non-Profit Management.

Nang Sam Kham currently lives in Shan State in Burma where her experience growing up in this war-torn region has deeply impacted her life and her path to education. She saw first-hand how this brutal ongoing conflict deprived rural communities of adequate education and the devastating consequences that had on their ability to thrive as individuals and as a community. She currently has a Bachelors in Computer Science but her dream is to pursue her Masters in Non-Profit Management. By specializing in Non-Profit Management, her goal is to bring educational programs to remote areas of Burma that lack adequate resources. In this way she hopes to make a difference in the lives of people who otherwise have no access to education and the opportunities it can open up for them.

Nan Lat Lat Khaing

Nan Lat Lat is 23-year-old Burmese refugee from the Karen ethnic minority group. She is currently in her second year at Rangsit University in Bangkok but is unable to complete her studies because of financial hardship in her family. 

As a teen, Nan Lat Lat was forced to flee the violence in Karen State, becoming a refugee in Thailand in order to pursue her education. She can speak Karen, Burmese, English and Thai and at Rangsit she studies International Business, a program taught entirely in English. Her dream is use what she learns in school to create positive change in her community in Burma. She eventually wants to work for the public sector, and be able to use her skills to bring economic prosperity and employment to impoverished areas of the country. She wants to create programs that attract foreign investment, improve standards of living, and give opportunities to all. Her aim is to be a strong young woman who will play a key role in the positive development of both her home community and Burma as a nation. 



Nang Shwe Yone

Nang Shwe Yone is a 24-year-old orphan from the Shan ethnic group. She was raised in an orphanage in the Shan State in Burma. Her educational goal is to get her Masters in Tourism Management.

Growing up in rural Burma, Nang Shwe Yone witnessed the dependency of subsistence farmers on exploitative Chinese exporting companies. Because these farmers in remote areas lack other financial opportunities, she saw the crippling control that these foreign companies have on their lives. Her dream is to use tourism to break this cycle of exploitation. She wants to harness the power of the beautiful natural landscape and culture of the Shan people to bring diverse economic opportunity to these rural communities. She currently holds a BA in Economics but her goal is to pursue her Masters in Tourism Management. Through tourism, she wants to be able to affect change in her community. She wants to be able to help these underserved areas capitalize on the incredible handicraft, culinary, and indigenous wisdom that they already possess, to empower them to take control of their own futures. 

Nang Seng Nwum

Nang Seng Nwum, or “Seng” is 23-years-old from the Shan ethic group. She is a refugee from Burma whose dream is to complete her undergraduate degree in Communication Arts. 

A natural linguist she already speaks Burmese, Shan, English, Chinese and is learning Thai. She is also a talented performer— dancing, singing and playing the guitar— and previously shared her talents with students by teaching traditional dance for disadvantaged youth at Shan National School. 

Her passion for community service started in her childhood, when she would walk long distances to to donate old cloths and supplies to remote villages in Burma. Since then she has been an active volunteer in community service organizations such as Shan Youth Network Yangoon and Shan Literature & Culture Association, where she collects donations of food and clothing and distributes them to victims of natural disasters and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) in Northern Shan State. 

Her educational goal is to pursue a career in Communication Arts at Rangsit University. She wants to use her skills to bring positive change to Shan State’s next generation by becoming part of the Shan National League For Democracy. She hopes that her education will give her the skills that she needs to become a leader in her State’s political party and advocate for disadvantaged Shan youth. 


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