Daughters Rising Mission

Our mission is to empower at-risk girls through education to end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of inter-generational poverty



We support at-risk children’s education through providing workshops, native English volunteers, and sponsorships, and through the funding of community schools. Staying in school results in more earning power and changing the fabric of their community.

Vocational training

We provide specialized hospitality training to at risk girls and survivors of trafficking which results in viable employment and work skills as well as literacy and life-skills.

Anti trafficking initiatives

We generate activism, both online and within vulnerable communities here in Thailand, to educate people about trafficking and exploitation and how to prevent it.

Shelter and therapeutic activities

In addition to food and housing, we hold art therapy, music, martial arts, human rights, women’s health and leadership workshops for at risk girls and survivors of trafficking and exploitation.

 Craft preservation & income generation

The Daughters Rising shop cultivates and celebrates traditional indigenous skills through the curation and sale of artisanal products

Community outreach 

We donate medicine, clothing, blankets, mosquito nets and clean water filters to local villages.

Why prevention?

As many as 2 million children are forced into prostitution every year and more than half of them live in Asia. Unlike a lot of problems in developing countries, this is one that is actually getting worse. At the peak of the transatlantic slave trade, 80,000 slaves were transported from Africa to the new world. Today, more than 10 times as many women are being forced into brothels or other forms of slavery. Every 30 seconds, another person becomes a victim. Women are lured by traffickers with false promises of  jobs such as domestic help, models, and other hospitality jobs, and are then forced into slavery. The good news is that our generation can end this horrible human rights violation and everyone has a role.

It’s so important to shut down the perpetrators and save girls, but it’s also important to prevent it from happening to girls at all. We believe that offering incentives for educating a girl will make its less likely for parents to sell their daughter into prostitution. We believe that teaching a girl about confidence, women’s rights and health can empower her against traffickers. We believe that with access to education she can pursue her dreams. Learn how


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