Education and Community Development

We believe all children deserve the right to education. We work to support education projects for hill tribe ethnic minorities so they can reach for their dreams.

Mor Wah Kee Community School, a rare bastion of the disappearing Karen culture of Burma and Thailand, tucked into the forested mountains about 50 miles from the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai provides education to children who live in such remote villages that they could otherwise not attend school. The treacherous road conditions haven’t stopped its 57 students and teachers from making the trip daily by motorbike or — for some, on foot. Barefoot, so they don’t ruin their one pair of nice shoes.

Unlike the other schools within the district it is not run by the government but by the local community. This is an important distinction because the school is not confined to the government’s “central” curriculum, which does not include traditional wisdom and Karen language. This project is succeeding in preserving this ancient culture and identity. Read about this project on the Huffington Post!

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This project is currently in need of donations, volunteer English teachers (minimum 1 month commitment), and sponsors for the children. $30 per month pays for the education of one student including teacher salary, meals and supplies.
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