The Brave Collection

The Brave Collection
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The Brave Collection was born out of a desire to wash away the taboo associations with such a sensitive subject matter, and create a catalyst for people to communicate about the reality of modern day slavery.

Each Wrap Bracelet is made in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by fair-trade Cambodian artisans. Each brass bracelet is carved and knotted by hand, so each piece is unique. Brass bracelets can be clasped to fit a 6″ or 7″ wrist, though sizes may vary slightly.

Shipped in a custom silk pouch hand-woven in Cambodia, and packed in a Brave jewelry box.

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Also available in: Sterling Silver Cord | Silver/Gold Chain


The Need to Tell the Story

Jessica Hendricks was an NYU student teaching English in South East Asia when she was confronted with the horrors of sex trafficking. In Cambodia she saw young girls lined up outside restaurants waiting for customers. Girls working for their next meal or, perhaps, working off the debt incurred when they were sold by their families into sex slavery. For these girls, the realities of poverty had forced them to sell their only marketable asset, their bodies. After she returned to the states, she felt compelled to share the girls’ story but wasn’t sure how to go about it until she realized that jewelry would be the perfect medium to communicate her message without necessarily silencing a room. And The Brave Collection was born.


Crafting Change

The bracelets say “Klahan” (Klaa-han) which means “Brave” in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. Inspired by the Bravery of sexual trafficking survivors, the brass bracelets are hand-cut out of Cambodian brass by a team of talented, underprivileged Cambodian artisans in Phnom Penh, providing a dignified, fair-trade work environment to women in need. With each bracelet sold, The Brave Collection makes a donation to a non-profit foundation in Cambodia or in New York. The Brave Collection is a self-sustaining social entrepreneurship, donating 10% of the profits from each bracelet sold to anti-trafficking foundations in Cambodia and in the US, including The Somaly Mam Foundation, My Sisters’ Place and Made by Survivors.

“We are creating a global community, making this crime undeniably visible and opening the door to the conversations that lead to real change. I wanted to create a way to talk about this issue that was inviting, welcoming and not too upsetting,”


Courage is Contagious

Jessica understands that as a society we need to change the conversation around commercial sexually exploitation. “In forming Brave, I have been so inspired by women who have redefined what it means to be female in the modern age, shedding the antiquated ideas of 20’s “feminism” and sculpting this new view of the strength, mystery and beauty of today’s woman. One such inspirational woman is Angella Nazarian, author of Pioneers of the Possible, a book that celebrates twenty visionary woman throughout the last century. Angella’s grace and wisdom so beautifully capture the fearless spirit of incredible female leaders such as sexual trafficking activist and survivor Somaly Mam.”