Matriarchs by Narrative Lost

Matriarchs by Narrative Lost
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The women of Daughters Rising are leaders. They own businesses and raise households. They are often the first from their families to pursue an education or even own a company.
Meanwhile the abused elephants they care for are also matriarchs. Elephant society is matriarchal. The oldest, wisest female elephants lead, and their knowledge can often mean the difference between life and death for the entire herd.

Matriarchs from Jeremy Snell on Vimeo

Daughters Rising ( is a non-profit founded by women and for women. Based in Thailand, they combat sex trafficking and help at-risk indigenous Kayan/Karen women and refugees by providing them with tuition support, education workshops, and business opportunities. They even manage a special eco-lodge in Chiang Mai.
Matriarchs is a tribute to the women of Daughters Rising. An affirmation that each determines her own path along with the abused elephants they care for.

Narrative Lost ( is partnering with women-founded organizations from around the world to produce independent films that draw attention to the plight of women’s rights globally.

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