Lensational + Daughters Rising

Lensational + Daughters Rising
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12814363_10104991654111992_8056406936070924211_nSince the beginning of this year, Daughters Rising branched out to empower our women through photography with Lensational. Lensational is a social enterprise that provides impoverished and disenfranchised women with a voice and a platform to tell their stories.

Ouramazing Lensational representative was Patricia Nuss who came to the Chai Lai Orchid and held five workshops the women in our program. All the women were given a camera, taught about how to use the various features, and given assignments to capture some of the different elements of their lives. The photography training was heavily influenced by experiential learning methods. We took ample time to shoot, have fun, and then analyze and reflect on the work they had made. Chiang Mai
This was an incredible opportunity for the girls at Daughters Rising; many of whom had never held a camera in their hands before. Some of the participants took their cameras to their villages, photographing their family and daily life and discovered an artistic talent they didn’t know they possessed. At the end of the workshop, Patricia produced a photo exhibition at Sleep Box gallary where the women chose their favourite images to share with Chiang Mai. All of the women stood proudly by their photographs while dozens of people filtered in. It was a clear success not just based on the turnout but on the confidence hat the women exuded, sharing their images with others.

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Patricia shares with us, “What I enjoyed most about this collaboration was working one-on-one with the women and seeing their personal worlds. I feel like I became close with all the women and we created a little photography family. All people have a story, and images can help tell it when a language divide exists.”Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.00.07 AM

While this first workshop has come to a close, our relationship with Lensational is just beginning. Thanks to Lensational we will incorporate a workshop into our curriculum so that all of the women in the program can tell their story through photography. In addition, two of the Daughters Rising women, Nukul and Zong will be trained to hold the workshops and have the chance to further empower themselves and mentor fellow ethnic minority women.

“Maintaining Longevity of this program is very important to us.  One of our next steps include arranging for more print sales, so as to return funds to the women and inspire them to continue expressing themselves. We also hope to maintain a mentor/student relationship between the more experience female photographers and the new coming women to the program.” –Patricia Nuss

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Thank you to Patricia and  Bonnie and the Lensational team who made this possible. You have had a lasting impact on Daughters Rising and the women we serve.  Now you can simultaneously spruce up your walls and directly support the women of Daughters Rising by ordering prints of their work here

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