Give what you’re good at.

Please review our volunteer program information and application process below and get in touch if you think you’re a good fit!

Volunteer positions
Our volunteer needs are always changing.  Below is a list of our current needs; feel free to apply if you have a skill set or project idea to offer that does not appear on this list!

Medical Care
Qualified medical professionals are invited to provide and track routine vaccinations and provide basic diagnosis and treatment for local villagers with barriers to accessing medical care.

English Teaching
Teach English as an assistant to Thai faculty at a nearby village school.  Optionally, help organize an after-school activity for kids who board at the school.  Help Chai Lai Orchid staff develop their English skills with a hospitality-focused curriculum.

SEO & Copywriting
Help us optimize web traffic and make our social mission more prominent.

Grant Writing
Seek out and apply for funding opportunities such as small business grants.

Marketing & PR
Help us create an online campaign for our social business The Chai Lai Orchid Eco Lodge to promote the humane treatment of elephants and discourage harmful practices such as using a chair for elephant rides.

Please see our blog post on voluntourism ethics for more information on why this is important.

You will have a bicycle available for your personal use during the course of your stay.  Hired transportation will be provided as necessary if your position requires you to make trips to more remote villages.  However, to get the most out of your stay with us we highly recommend you rent a motorbike to enable you to explore the beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and villages in our surrounding area and make trips into the city as desired.  Motorbikes can be rented in Chiang Mai for around 3000 baht per month; let us know if you need a referral to a reputable rental shop.

Working Hours
The Chai Lai Orchid staff works from 6:30am to 9:30pm.  Your working hours will take place between these times and will vary depending on your project needs, but expect to work about 6-8 hours per day.  The volunteer coordinator will meet with you each morning to help you plan your tasks for the day.  Volunteers receive 2 days off per week.

What should I bring?
Please bring a laptop or tablet if your volunteer project requires a computer.  This is also recommended for English teaching volunteers.

A few pairs of shorts, shirts, a sweater or jacket for chilly winter nights, and clothes that cover your shoulders and knees for visiting villages and temples is plenty.  Flip-flops are the preferred footwear for pretty much any occasion in Thailand and are sufficient for walking on trails, etc., but you may wish to bring a pair of runners or hiking boots for trekking.  Rain jackets and ponchos are easy to find.

It’s preferable to pack lightly as virtually anything you need is easily and cheaply available in Thailand.  If you wish to bring items to donate, please see our donation wishlist or contact us for more information on our most urgent donation needs.

Check out our packing list for more ideas!

Volunteer Application
If you are interested in volunteering, please send your resume, relevant certifications, and a cover letter answering the following to

Which position are you interested in?
What is your anticipated date range?
What skills and experience do you have that are relevant to this position?
Why do you want to volunteer with us?
How did you hear about us?

Please note that we have a small capacity for volunteers.  If we find your interests, skills, and experience to be a good match for our current needs, our volunteer coordinator will contact you after reviewing your application.

Thank you for your interest in working with us!