Yes, I want to prevent sex trafficking!

Investing in prevention is more cost effective and safer than rescuing victims trapped in illegal unmarked brothels. More importantly- it means some girls will never have to experience torture and rape. Sex trafficking goes beyond being a human rights violations. It’s a terrifying reality for millions of girls around the world. It’s a living hell full of horrifying abuse, torture, disease and death — and more shockingly, this billion dollar industry continues growing every year. That’s why we need your support now more than ever.

For $10 you provide soy milk and a healthy meal for the RISE Workshop

For $15 you provide a quality book for our library so an at-risk girl can learn at home

For $25 you provide a mosquito net for a family in need and a clean birth kit for an at-risk mother

For $50 you can save lives by covering the cost of HIV testing and transportation to the clinic

For $100 you provide school supplies and uniforms to a girl for a year so she can keep up with her class

For $250 you provide a scholarship to keep a girl in school for a year; includes tuition, uniform, supplies


Daughters Rising is located at and supported by the Chai Lai Orchid eco-resort, a social business.  Revenue from the Chai Lai Orchid covers all administrative costs, ensuring any money you donate goes directly to Daughters Rising educational and vocational programming and service projects in our local community.  Make a donation now and join us in our fight to end trafficking, by ensuring the programs you care about are available to the girls who need it. You can also set up an automatic monthly donation so that your support is ongoing to help us plan operations.