Daughters Rising and The Chai Lai Orchid Launch Rice for Refugees Crowdfund

Daughters Rising and The Chai Lai Orchid Launch Rice for Refugees Crowdfund
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Daughters Rising and The Chai Lai Orchid are currently raising emergency funds to donate rice to victims of war who are fleeing ongoing violence in Karen State, Myanmar.


Please help us raise the funds to provide Karen refugees with a basic human right—the right to food.  

  • img_1742-3400 THB buys enough rice for 1 person for 1 month
  • 2100 THB buys 3 bags of rice – enough rice for a family of 5 for 1 month


No donation is too small. Every cent goes towards providing food to displaced people who have nothing and desperately need our help.


The Situation: Why Karen Refugees Need Rice


In the last two weeks 3,800 Karen people have been forced to flee their villages due a surge in armed conflict in their area. The Myanmar military have repeatedly ambushed Karen communities, killing hundreds and forcing thousands from their homes as their villages are burned.  Karen IDP


Those who have survived have been left an incredibly adverse situation. Not only are these people without food, clothing or shelter, they are at a huge risk of being trafficked. Traffickers prey on this type of desperation. As a global community, we must ban together to protect and feed our fellow humans.


Myanmar is home to one of the world’s longest-running civil wars. Every year, thousands of ethnic minorities are killed, displaced or have their livelihoods destroyed by the Myanmar army. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled to neighboring countries, but the vast majority do not receive refugee status and are forced to work as undocumented migrant workers, under constant threat of arrest and deportation.


Widespread displacement, combined with government efforts to forcefully assimilate ethnic peoples, has led many to fear for the survival of their unique languages, cultures, traditions and very existence.


Karen Refugees are Part of the Daughters Rising Family


Many of the women in Daughters Rising’s program were raised in these villages or have families and friends who have been forced to flee.

Thai refugee camps have reached capacity and are unable to house any more Karen people. To say this situation is a crisis is a gross understatement. The Karen people’s lives and culture is at risk of extinction. They need our help.

As a global community we must come together to make these issues known and educate others about the harsh realities that the Karen people are living. Together we have the potential to create change.

If you live in Chiang Mai you can drop off clothing donations at the Chai Lai Orchid or contact us to arrange a pick up. You can check our Facebook page for updates to see the project in action.



Click here to donate rice for displaced victims of war now.  Any amount helps. Rice for Displaced Victims of War on Crowdrise