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Matriarchs by Narrative Lost
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The women of Daughters Rising are leaders. They own businesses and raise households. They are often the first from their families to pursue an education or even own a company. Meanwhile the abused elephants they care for are also matriarchs. Elephant society is matriarchal. The oldest, wisest female elephants lead, and their knowledge can often […]

Travel and do Good
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“At Chai Lai, I feel in love instantly.  With the magic coursing through the people, the animals, the culture, the smells, the sounds, the selfless acts of kindness, and first and foremost the love.” Here at Daughters Rising, we seek to create a model of sisterhood, compassion and empowerment that inspires women all over the […]

Chai Lai Sisters Thailand
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Karen hill tribe women seek to empower their communities with boutique trekking tours Nukul, a graduate from our hospitality training program has launched the first tour company run entirely by indigenous women in Thailand. Named Chai Lai Sisters, the new company invites guests to help empower indigenous Karen women and their communities through enjoying authentic jungle […]

Daughters Rising and The Chai Lai Orchid Launch Rice for Refugees Crowdfund
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Daughters Rising and The Chai Lai Orchid are currently raising emergency funds to donate rice to victims of war who are fleeing ongoing violence in Karen State, Myanmar.   Please help us raise the funds to provide Karen refugees with a basic human right—the right to food.   400 THB buys enough rice for 1 […]

Lensational + Daughters Rising
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Since the beginning of this year, Daughters Rising branched out to empower our women through photography with Lensational. Lensational is a social enterprise that provides impoverished and disenfranchised women with a voice and a platform to tell their stories. Ouramazing Lensational representative was Patricia Nuss who came to the Chai Lai Orchid and held five workshops the women in our program. All […]

Trafficking and Indigenous Women
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The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples affirms that all “Indigenous individuals have the rights to life, physical and mental integrity and liberty and security”. But as a result of historical injustices such as colonization, genocide, loss of lands and resources and discriminatory government legislation and policies, Indigenous Peoples have been prevented […]

A Year in Review
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It’s a new year! We’d like to invite you to reflect with us on what we have achieved in 2015. It’s been a busy year here at Daughters Rising and there’s still much work to do. We attribute our successes to those who surround and inspire us: our staff, those we serve, and our donors […]

Meet our Australian Ambassador
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From the moment we met Rachel Allen in June 2014, we knew she was special. She came across the suspension bridge, grinning, a petite blond woman dwarfed by several giant black suitcases stuffed with donations for Karen schools. Each bag was packed to the brim with prenatal vitamins, children’s toothbrushes and glittering craft supplies.  Rachel’s […]

Clean Water
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Water, environment and sanitation  are issues, inexorably linked to girls’ education.  Hygiene education is as important as the ABCs. Poor hygiene leads to poor health, which keeps girls – and boys – out of the classroom. If being ill fails to keep them from school, the burden of disease interferes with their ability to concentrate and […]

Malee Project
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A woman goes into labor in a small Karen village north of Mae Wang. The nearest clinic is over  one hour away on motorbike. While on the back of the bike, the bumpy dirt roads bounce the woman around expediting her labor. Dismounting the bike, she is forced to give birth under a jasmine tree. […]