We believe in empowering women and girls at a community level to end exploitation.



Co-Founder + Program Director
Alexa Pham is a professional photographer. Alexandra Bay was working as photographer in NYC when she met a girl being trafficked in Chiang Mai. She dropped everything to move to rural Thailand to create a safe house and job training center. Her passion for humanitarian work has propelled her on adventure throughout the world for the past decade working with nonprofits from Germany to Nepal. She spearheads developing RISE Workshops and runs our training and educational programs at the


Co-Founder + Director of Artisan Outreach and Product Development
Hannah Herr is an artist and designer who received a BFA from Parsons School of Design in 2009 and is set to receive her MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook in 2016. She has exhibited her work in New York, London, Seattle, Mexico City, Berlin and Ulaanbaatar, and recently completed a Fulbright research grant to Mongolia to study Kazakh traditional craft. She leads the artisans outreach project to develop products with indigenous craftswomen

Kayla Gill


Volunteer Coordinator
Kayla Gill brings her education and experience working with underserved communities, evaluating and improving programming, writing, and editing  to the Daughters Rising team. She has worked in migrant worker rights education and as a foreclosure prevention counselor for a Latino housing organization following the 2008 US housing crisis. She holds a BA in community development from Portland State University’s School of Urban Studies. She is passionate about women’s and ethnic minority rights and is interested in the complexities of multicultural identity and privilege intersectionality. She likes Karen homestays, swimming in waterfalls, and dancing to hip-hop.



Art Teacher
Soe is our art teacher. She attended Ratchapat University and got her degree in Art Education. Her specialty is painting and drawing. Soe runs photography and art therapy workshops for the women of Daughters Rising.


Media Advocate
Fran studied English Literature at college and believes that the written word is a trulypowerful tool. Having lived in Thailand for a year, she soon developed a desire to be involved in social justice for ethnic minority people. Now, Fran leads media advocacy projects and supports Daughters Rising in person when she’s not teaching Shakespeare and grammar to teenagers in the UK.


Communications Director + Community Mentor
Claire is a musician and social justice seeker. After getting her bachelors in criminal justice and public policy, she worked in social services helping run a housing stability program that addresses the issue of homelessness in her community. While traveling in Asia, she volunteered to teach English for Daughters Rising. But once being involved with this project, she couldn’t stay away. So Claire moved to Chiang Mai and now works for Daughters Rising as a communications director and community mentor. Claire also works as researcher for the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD).


Program Mentor
Golo is the program mentor. She graduated from Mae Jo University with a degree in agriculture. Golo’s dream is to be a voice for Karen People on an international level. She mentors the women in the program and provides translation in English, Karen and Thai.


Noon is our Thai and English language teacher. She graduated from Ratchapat University where she studied Elementary Education. Noon then went on to teach at a school in her village, Hoy Tong.


Rachael Allen